Author photo by artist, Walter Bakowski

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The geometry at parties

Sometimes you're cornered

by a square.


  1. I like this. The sixth stanza ("If time is money...") of the poem that began "If pigs could fly..." was what I was trying to remember earlier.

    Must put 'The Road' on my to see list. Have been getting through the Jim Jarmusch box set. Plan to watch'Down by Law' later.

    P.S. is the main website but you'll find them cheaper at some of the other online stockists. At least I did.

  2. Dear Sebastian,
    I remember liking "Down By Law". Wasn't as thrilled by "Mystery Train" "The Road" is slightly marred for mine by what I consider a couple of audience manipulation scenes where the music cues you to feel sad/sentimental. "The Road" depicts a possible and TERRIFYING future.
    Thanks for the shoe tip.
    Every good wish,