Author photo by artist, Walter Bakowski

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Personal Weather

                                                                         Photo By Walter Bakowski

This black and white photo of myself taken at Mary Street park in Richmond, Victoria on Sunday,
18 November 2012 is the proposed book cover for my forthcoming volume of new poems, Personal Weather, which I anticipate being published in the first half of 2013. 
The photograph is meant to complement the book title. Any feedback about the photograph is appreciated.
Here is a self-portrait poem from Personal Weather

Self-portrait, Melbourne, 19 September, 2012

I am many selves, some are intimidated by authority figures.
isapproval, its possibility, makes them stay in the dark beneath my ribs.
mergent selves must believe no predators are near, ready to break their spines.
ot too social some of my selves. In being alone they get their best thinking done.
entative, they observe rather than participate, prefer libraries to dance floors.
nsistent invitations make them grumpy. You can tell by their body language that
hey’d rather be elsewhere, not politely asking, “And how do you earn a living?”
et they can be kind to the shy. “That was me once,” they’ll say to each other.

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